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My family and I are very grateful for Dr. Cabin. He has made such a major difference in the health and quality of life for our whole family.

Dianne R.

Dr. Cabin has been my primary care physician for many years.  I am so grateful when a friend recommended him to me back in the early 2000’s.  He’s been a lifesaver, literally.  I have a variety of health issues and if I was in the hands of a mainstream doctor – my health and life would have been destroyed by medications. Dr. Cabin has a very heavy clinical background but he has also extensively studied many areas of natural medicine.  The beauty of his practice is that he combines the best of both worlds.  His emphasis is too minimize medications whenever possible and that’s what he did for me.  I would have been on very damaging drugs but for all that he did to strengthen my immune system and to improve my overall health.  He is absolutely brilliant but doesn’t have the ego that goes with that level of intelligence.  What I’ve told so many people about Dr. Cabin through the years is that – yes, he is brilliant.

He will listen to you, I mean, really listen to you.  He wants to understand what’s going on in your life because our personal life issues affect our health.  I’ve never had a doctor be so attentive and show the level of caring that he does.  Just stepping into his office, I feel like I’m in the hands of most incredible doctor I could have ever found.

He has truly been a godsend for me and the many people I’ve sent his way.  There is truly no doctor with his level of intelligence, experience and expertise in so many areas of medicine.  As a primary care physician – he is constantly researching and staying up to date on many areas of medicine – which is a very daunting task.

I can personally attest that he is far more knowledgeable than many “specialists” I’ve seen over the years and he is the only doctor that I trust.  And because he does integrative medicine – he has many more options to offer his patients.  Traditional medical doctors can write a prescription – but in most cases – that’s not the answer and medications have only created more health problems for me.  Dr. Cabin gets to the root of the problem and treats the cause – not the symptoms.  That’s why he is so effective.

Elizabeth C.

Dr Cabin has provided me with specialized medical care complete with personalized lab work and solutions to my unique situation. His staff is understanding and compassionate which is refreshing these days and the entire experience makes you feel better!

Patrick L.

Dr. Cabin has played a key role in my rotator cuff injury. He helped fix my tear without general surgery which had been recommended by my previous health care provider. I now have full range in my shoulder with zero pain. From the beginning Dr. Cabin understood my requirements and provided me with the best solution. The office and medical staff are always accommodating and very professional. I highly recommend to everyone!

Steve B.

Years ago I had a horrible case of tennis elbow. I had already gotten the maximum 3 shots of cortisone and my primary at the time was recommending surgery. I was not willing to be out of work and did not even have a guarantee it would take it away. So being very frustrated, I went to see Dr. Cabin, who was highly recommended by a friend. She stated he was the only one who figured out her daughter’s allergies.

As soon as I met him in the office I was met with compassion, I did not feel rushed whatsoever, he listened and not only gave his medical advice but explained it all to me so I could make an educated decision.

His recommendation of Prolozone injections not only took the tennis elbow completely away, but changed my life forever. I have told hundreds of people of it’s benefits and Dr. Cabin is the only one in town that I know of who is educated and administering it. It has helped my arthritic neck pain, tennis elbow and knee pain. It has kept me from surgery!

My entire family now comes to him for everything ranging from extension lab work, appropriate supplements, to biofeedback for anxiety and help with hormones. Not to mention we would have been lost without his expert knowledge and discernment during covid.

I know his number by heart and I tell everyone I see with an ailment to come and see him for loving, gentle, top notch medical help in any capacity!

He has extensive knowledge of the medical field and often finds the holistic approach that we are needing and seeking and cannot find anywhere else. I have never found a more kind, experienced physician and you won’t either!

Traci G.

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